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Projects List

Earth History Explorer

A WebGL project that allows you to explore the earth at various stages in the distant past. It connects to Wikipedia for extended articles on each period. This is a demonstration of how WebGL can be not only pretty but genuinely useful, informative and entertaining.

Cannon.js RaycastVehicle Sandbox

A vehicle physics demo using cannon.js and three.js. Use the keyboard or gamepad to drive around a terrain.

2D Vehicle Physics

A minimalist 2D driving sim, demo and source.

3D Terrain Flyover

Use a gamepad or the keyboard to fly around a simple terrain. At present, only the Google Chrome browser supports gamepads.

Texture Coordinate Utility

This is a simple, but possibly very handy texture coordinate utility. Allows you to pinpoint a location on a bitmap with the mouse and get both the texture and pixel coordinates.